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Aerobic exercise is known as abidance conditioning, cardio, or cardio-respiratory exercise.

According to WHO

A quarter of the world’s adult population (1.4 billion individuals) is not physically active enough and out of 3  women 1 woman and out of  4 men 1 man do not do enough physical activity to stay healthy.

In developed countries, inactivity is higher than in developing countries. Inactivity increased by 5% since 2016.

Aerobic exercise types

Aerobic exercise helps people to reduce the risk of heart disease,  control blood pressure and reduce weight also.

It is a type of low to high-intensity physical exertion that relies largely on the aerobic energy-generating medium. 

 Aerobic exercise consists of repeating sequences of low-to-moderate intensity exercises over lengthy periods. Use 3Ds formula  Dedication, Determination, and Discipline for best results

How you can use Aerobic exercise that helps you to get a healthy life you will know in this post. 

 History of aerobic:

In 1922, Archibald Hill, a British physiologist, proposed the notions of maximum oxygen uptake and oxygen debt.

Otto Meyerhof, a German physician, and Hill received the 1922 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their separate work on muscular energy metabolism.

This research as a foundation, scientists began quantifying oxygen usage during exercise. In the 1950s and 1960s, Henry Taylor of the University of Minnesota and Scandinavian scientists Per-Olof Strand and Bengt Saltin made significant contributions.

The Harvard Fatigue Laboratory, the Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre, and other German universities also contributed.

Types of aerobic exercise                    

Aerobic exercise comes in a variety of forms. It is done at a moderate degree of intensity over a lengthy time.

Aerobic exercise types

 Running a long distance at a reasonable speed. Playing singles tennis with near-continuous mobility is considered aerobic activity, but activities with brief bursts of rapid movement interspersed with extended periods of leisurely movement are not.

Some sports are therefore intrinsically “aerobic,” but other aerobic workouts, such as fartlek training or aerobic dance courses, are expressly designed to develop aerobic capacity and fitness. Aerobic activities are most commonly used to engage the leg muscles, either primarily or entirely.

There are a couple of exceptions. Rowing for 2,000 meters or more is, for example, an aerobic sport that works numerous main muscular groups, including the legs, abdominals, chest, and arms.

Aerobic exercise examples are swimming, Dancing, Hiking on flat ground, Gardening, etc.

Aerobic exercise types

Activities with a High Level of Intensity are brisk walking,  Jogging, Jumping Rope Mostly aerobic exercises at home need no equipment.                                        

Aerobic exercise importance 

 Aerobic Exercise is important for daily routine and health benefits. It can strengthen the heart muscle and improve the function of the heartbeat and make more blood for the heart.

Aerobic exercise types

Aerobic exercise can enhance muscle protein and glycogen stores, making muscle fibers stronger, tougher, Immune system, and more powerful, and improve muscular speed, endurance, flexibility, and accuracy.

Why is warming up important before any aerobic exercise?

It is necessary before any strength training or activities, but it is also necessary before any cardio workouts.

It will reduce the risk of injury during activity.

Aerobic exercise types

Warm-up boosts blood flow throughout the body and relaxes all joints, reducing the risk of injury during activity. 

How is aerobic exercise different from resistance exercise?

Aerobic exercise (commonly known as cardio) is a type of low to high-intensity physical activity that relies mostly on the aerobic energy-generating mechanism. This might also be summed up as the difference between jogging and weightlifting.

Aerobic exercise types

 Water aerobic benefits

It Improves your mood and the quality of your sleep

Aerobic exercise types

Joint flexibility and mobility are improved.

Aerobic exercise types

correct  posture, and balance 

A lady balancing his weight


Increased muscle strength

A men  with shoes

Pain and exhaustion are reduced.

A lady enjoying morning

What to wear for water aerobics?

In water aerobics, you can wear a swimsuit because long clothes are not recommended as they are not comfortable. Wear a  swimsuit that doesn’t stick to your belly. Wear old sneakers to avoid scraping your feet on the bottom. Your workout will be more difficult if you wear shoes. 

The resistance produced by the water restricts your motions. As a result, the more water you’re in, the harder your body works to break through the barrier.

Only your legs feel the resistance while you’re standing in deep water. If you’re in neck-deep water and moving your arms quickly, more of your muscle is engaged.

What are the ‘guaranteed’ benefits of aerobic exercise?

Nobody can be “guaranteed.”  A walk around the block, 15 pull-ups, or 3 hours of basketball all provide different results. The frequency with which you work out and eat (diet) will also have an impact on your outcomes.

Salad on plate

Aerobic Versus anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise does not improve the efficiency of the body’s cardiovascular system. It works well to build muscle and burn fat

Weight lifting

Aerobic exercise improves the efficiency of the body’s cardiovascular system. It is good at improving your energy systems and making your body more efficient.

A girl is jumping


Difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic                                                                                                                                

Aerobic exercise Anaerobic exercise
WalkingHIIT workout
Skipping RopeHeavy lifting
Distance RunningSquat jacks

Aerobic dance 

It helps you to Increase flexibility, cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength, and motor skills.

How much it gives you benefit will depend on the style or type of dancing you do regularly.

Aerobic dance

For example, the dancing performed by professionals and celebrities on dance shows tends to be short, energetic performances with rapid moves (jumps, lifts, etc) which are good enough. Dancing will improve your fitness if you lead a passive life.

List of Aerobic exercises

  • Swimming 
  • Cycling
  • Using an elliptical trainer
  • Walking
  • Rowing
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Running or Jogging
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Skipping 
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Butt Kicks
  • Mountain Climber
  • Bear Crawls
  • Burpees
  • Squat Jacks

What is aerobic yoga?

It is a blend of yoga and aerobic exercise since they both work on different parts of the body. Yoga, which is good for stretching and exercise, can help you lose weight and avoid heart disease.


Can yoga provide aerobic benefits?

No, because aerobic is a brief period of workout which helps to boost stamina and burn calories fast but by doing Yoga you can also improve strength, aerobic capacity, and lung function. Even non-yoga practitioners believe that the practice provides benefits that go beyond flexibility and relaxation.

Aerobic exercises for belly fat

According to a recent study, aerobic exercise is the greatest way to burn harmful abdominal fat.

 People who exercised aerobics for eight months got rid of roughly 2.5 square inches of abdominal fat, according to the findings. Aerobic exercise improved insulin resistance and reduced liver fat more effectively than resistance training. 

 In the research, aerobic training burnt 67 percent more calories than weight training.

The best exercises for belly and butt  are Rope skipping & 100 meters sprints

 Rope Skipping: Do it for 30 minutes If you can’t do it all in one go. Do it for small intervals of time. Skip rope for three minutes, side jump for two minutes, do it again and again.  Continue to improve your timing to 3 -4 minutes daily, Focus on it and improve your timing gradually.

Skip rope

100 meters sprint: A minimum of three reps of the 100-meter sprint every day. Run 100 meters at full power, then walk/jog 200 meters. Again, sprint 100 meters, then jog/walk 200 meters, and so forth. Perform as many reps as you can, but no more than three.

running ladies

What Should the Intensity of Your Aerobics Workout Be?

Because our bodies are not familiar with new exercises, we should gradually increase the duration and raise our tolerance capacity.

Overtraining might put you at risk for injury and muscle pain.

Muscle pain

You should exercise, but keep in mind that if any activity causes discomfort, it suggests you’re doing it incorrectly or undertaking a difficult workout.

If you’re a newbie, start with a low-intensity workout and gradually increase the intensity and duration.


Disadvantages/limitations of  exercise

 Excess of everything is bad, so do exercise but not too hard or too fast that hurts your muscle or health.

1:If you do the exercise in the wrong posture/incorrect way you will feel lower back pain.

2: Injuries may cause due to hard and repetitious exercise

3:Extreme sweat.

What is good aerobic capacity?

Aerobic capacity, also known as cardiopulmonary capacity. It is a measurement of your maximum oxygen consumption during physical activity.

A lady doing exercise

It measures your ability to maintain a high degree of physical activity for extended periods, as well as your aerobic fitness capacity. Your lungs take up oxygen when you exercise and carry it to your heart, cells, and muscle groups all over your body.

Why Aerobic Capacity Matters?

Your aerobic capacity is a good measure of your overall health. As you become older, your maximum oxygen intake may decrease.

Exercise on mat

Your aerobic capacity, or maximum oxygen consumption, will improve as your respiratory stamina improves.

It helps you build stamina so you can work out longer and harder as your aerobic capacity improves.

As you become older, your maximum oxygen intake may decrease. Aerobic capacity is important because it can help you live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

How to Improve Aerobic Capacity?

Combining high-intensity endurance exercise into your routine is the most effective strategy to improve cardiovascular fitness.

 These activities are frequently foregone by a warmup and include high-intensity aerobic workouts like sprints, jumps, and lunges, etc. 

Your cardiac output rises during high-intensity aerobic activity since your body needs more oxygen to keep going. 

Your aerobic capacity will improve over time if you do these workouts regularly daily.

Improve Aerobic Capacity With Biostrap

Aerobic fitness is a crucial statistic for achieving your fitness objectives, whether they be weight loss or completing an endurance event.

A lady doing exercise

During each workout session, you may use Biostrap to measure aerobic parameters such as oxygen saturation and heart rate variability.

On our site, you’ll also discover helpful hints on how to improve your aerobic routines and improve your fitness.

Aerobic dance exercise steps

Dance aerobics is a fun approach to burn calories that can be done in the privacy of your own home! If you’re not sure where to begin, mastering a few fundamental motions and learning how to raise the intensity is a wonderful place to start. Simply make sure you’re healthy enough to exercise and that you’re staying safe by drinking water, removing obstructions from your space, and understanding your boundaries.

Is exercising 3 times a week enough?

Experts recommend exercising at least three times each week. Many people exercise more than the suggested number of days, however, busy people should not feel bad if they only exercise three times each week. 

 What is exercise best for all ages?

You want to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Working exercise generates feel-good hormones in the body that make you happy on a daily basis.

It will decrease mood swings.

A better physical condition leads to a better mental condition.

A girl  standing

You’re aware that it can assist people of all ages in losing weight, preventing illness, improving heart health, and sleeping better.

According to studies, active youngsters do better in school.

Adults who exercise in their middle and later years may safeguard their brains and improve their mental abilities.

Exercise can help seniors enhance their cognition and lower their dementia risk. It is beneficial to people of all ages.

Aerobic exercises at home no equipment

If you want to burn fat and reduce weight from the comfort of your own home, try this, no-equipment workout.


Squat, Jumps, Lunges, Push-ups, Mountain climbers

Plank, Crunches, etc


These activities will assist you in leading a healthier lifestyle.

Now I’d want to hear from you about which aerobic activity you’re going to do first, or if I’ve forgotten about one of your favorite ones.

Comment us and share your views with us.


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