Bilquis Edhi
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Bilquis Edhi:

Bilquis Edhi, the wife of the famous human rights activist and social philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, breathed her final breath on Friday following an illness that lasted for a month.

Professional nurse:

Bilquis Edhi was a professional nurse and was one of many active donors of Pakistan and serving as co-chairperson of the Edhi Foundation. She was named the Mother of Pakistan

Bilquis Edhi was the most influential person in the early two years of the 21st century.

Bilquis was a registered nurse and the founder of his own foundation, the Bilquis Edhi Foundation.

A spokesperson from the Edhi Foundation, Bilquis had to be transferred to an inpatient hospital privately three days ago, after her blood pressure had dropped.

Her birthplace was 1947, in Bantva, Pakistan. She is the head of the Edhi Foundation, and with her husband, she received an award in 1986, the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service. The year she was awarded the prize, she won the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice. The charity she founded has many Pakistan-based programs, including a hospital and emergency services in Karachi. With her husband, their charity has saved more than 16,000 unwanted infants. Her husband, Abdul Sattar Edhi, passed away on July 8th, 2016. He died on April 15th, 2022, in Karachi due to congestive cardiac insufficiency following a long-term illness

Bilquis Edhi

Earlier today, the family of her victim told her that her health was stabilizing. Her admitted to the health centre in Karachi for three days. She was transferred to the hospital when her blood pressure suddenly decreased.

“Though she’s not seriously ill, she’ll be within the medical facility for a few additional days, ” the Edhi Foundation, Muhammad, Bilal’s spokesperson, declared.

Bilal said that Bilquis suffered from congestive heart failure, and she’s already had two heart bypasses.

Before that, Pakistan’s most prominent humanitarian and philanthropist was named the “Person of the Decade”” alongside human rights defender at the UN Prof Yanghee Lee and the US ethicist Stephen Soldz.

The First Lady Tehmina Durrani also met her on the occasion of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s inaugural visit to the port city on Wednesday.

Inflation is rising like petrol prices on a hike, and many poor people and unknown persons who can’t give food to their children leave their children in Edhi Jhoola .

Bilquis, along with her husband, received numerous honours for their efforts. In July 2007, they were acknowledged for their actions by President Pervez Musharraf, who contributed 100,000 rupees (from his personal pocket) and specifically pointed out that their efforts provided social services to the most disadvantaged of Pakistan without discrimination.

This is also in contrast to the $100,000 that her husband donated in aid to Pakistani people in the USA who were affected by the September 11th terrorist attacks. Even though her husband was greeted by presidents and even appeared on Pakistani TV. The couple lived in a modest two-room house that was part of an orphanage.

Her foundation has helped save more than 42,000 unwanted children in the past by putting “jhoolas” (cradles) at centres like Edhi Homes and other centres throughout the country.

The company operates several private outpatient clinics in Pakistan. Additionally, there is a diabetic centre, nursing training facility, vaccination centres, and blood banks, including emergency banks in natural disasters or tragic events.

Condolences continue to come in:

Responding to the tragic loss of Bilquis Edhi, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah expressed sadness and grief when he praised her charitable work for the country.

“Very sad to learn of Bilquis Edhi’s death. She was a champion for Pakistan’s abandoned and poor with great enthusiasm throughout her existence,” wrote renowned writer Fatima Bhutto.

MQM-P Senator Faisal Subzwari said Pakistanis would be able to remember her forever when he asked for mercy.

Anchorperson and journalist Hamid Mir lamented over the situation and prayed for her forgiveness.

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