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The difficulty to differentiate between colors is directed to as color vision deficiency. Colorblind people see everything as everyone else does, but they can’t distinguish between red, green, and blue colors. This issue grows with time; thus, now we will discuss color vision.


Colour Vision Test for Better Eyesight

Before you start gluing yourself to your computer screen, make sure your eyesight is up to scratch with this color vision test! It’s quick and straightforward, and it can help reveal eye problems like glaucoma or color blindness that may be affecting your vision or color deficiency. The test results also tell whether you need glasses, contacts, or just an appointment with an optometrist to fine-tune your vision.


Who needs a color vision test?

Those people cannot distinguish colors blue and green, yellow and orange.

Colour vision blindness people also have difficulty distinguishing between red and green traffic lights, which can be dangerous at times.

These issues may not appear severe to you, yet they can harm your life if left unaddressed.


If you wear contact lenses or spectacles, a color vision test can help you maintain track of your eye condition without having to visit an ophthalmologist now and then.

An optometrist will do these tests at regular intervals to detect tiny changes in your vision.

Problems with color vision persons

They have several problems, such as deciding what to dress and which color to wear since they cannot distinguish between colors.


identifying the difference between red and green traffic lights

They Cannot recognize the rainbow’s colors.

A red mobile cover might be mistaken for a green color cover or vice versa.

Specific colors, such as red and green, or even white and yellow, may look similar or identical to persons with color vision problems.


Although it increases with age, color blindness is generally treatable.

Types of color vision defect

Colour vision deficiency (CVD) is a common defect with varying degrees of severity. CVD is often confused with color blindness, but unlike color blindness, it only affects one’s ability to perceive colors. 

Common types of CVD 

It includes Anomalous Trichromacy – The most common type of CVD, a form of color blindness. Individuals can see some primary colors and distinguish between them by their saturation or lightness. By testing how different hues may appear similar to people with normal color vision and those with anomalous trichromacy, you can tell if someone has a standard or defective color vision. 


 Like anomalous trichromacy, deuteranomaly typically involves distinguishing different saturations or shades of colors.

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Where can you take a color vision test?

Several locations can offer a test if you’re a pilot, physician, first responder, or anyone else whose job may be affected by how well you see color. You might take a color vision test at an optometrist’s office. Some eye doctors will run their tests in-house, while others will use an outside lab to perform them. An eye doctor will likely want to run more than one type of test on your eyes when determining if you have issues with your color vision; it’s not possible to tell just from one test alone.

COLOR BLIND color plate test

Eyes physical therapy:

It would help if you kept physical therapy daily to strengthen your eye muscles.Aerobic exercise also strengthens your body and shape it.

Therapy can improve eye comfort.

According to studies, vision therapy is scientifically justified and may assist your body relaxation. It also increases the focus of the eyes.

world sight day 2021

Colour vision deficiency or color blindness is an inherited disorder of vision that can be present from birth. Men are affected more than women. In the year 2021, the #WorldSightDay trended on social media in Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, According to the IAPB world sight day report.


At least one billion people worldwide have near or distance vision problems that might be avoided or unaddressed. According toWorld Health Organization.

Eye vision care

Eyes are vulnerable to various disorders that can result in visual loss.

That is why it is critical to safeguard your eyes from the start and to get frequent exams.


Color vision exams are only one of several procedures that doctors employ to diagnose underlying eye diseases and keep eyes healthy over time.

If you feel any blurriness, you must visit a clinic near you.

Eye surgery

Not a good idea! The most significant indicator that someone needs glasses is blurry vision. But after age 40, vision changes are so subtle that by the time people notice a need for glasses or other aids to vision, they may already have eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma, or retinal issues that have progressed become challenging to treat. If you’ve never had your eyes examined or seen an ophthalmologist, schedule an appointment today and get started on eyes the first plan. You’ll be glad you did! Otherwise, it will be too late and need eye surgery.

 My friend with color blindness:

 I want to tell you about an old friend who was also colorblind.

 He is always driven and enjoys his life despite being afflicted.


  For the first time, I am openly admitting that I am colorblind.

I can’t differentiate between any shade of red and green.


Even though it is one of the most regularly seen color blindness in guys, none of my acquaintances have experienced the same problem yet.

My grandpa worked in trains, and my father, who is a huge admirer of railways, always wanted me to work there as an engineer, but three significant factors prevented me from doing so:

1: I did not even have 6/6 vision.

2: I am colorblind

3: I am not interested in railways because of the above reasons.

Realizing colorblindness:

Color blindness was initially brought to my attention in grades 6-7 when 

My sister was in class 9-10, and some colorblindness exams were printed underneath her Biology book.

She once requested me to tell her the numbers in the diagrams.

I quickly passed the black-white, red-white, and blue-yellow exams.

However, I was unable to detect any pattern in the final figure.

I attempted four times to identify the pattern, but each time I failed terribly.

COLOR BLIND color plate test

My sister ran to my mother, who rushed to me.

She requested that I repeat the numbers on all the figures, but I couldn’t remember the last one.

She was depressed, my sister made fun of me, and I hurried away to play cricket.

 Medical Certificate:

I needed to get a medical certificate before I could start college.

A medical certificate issued by a government institution is the most trustworthy.

My father made me memorize the numbers on the colorblindness test booklet provided by the doctor.

I passed the test.

My father gave me strict instructions not to inform anyone about my illness.


Unfortunately, he was unaware that he could no longer shield me from the glare of this awful, evil world.

Make my fun:

My buddies quickly discovered that I was colorblind since I couldn’t pick out the correct colored item when they asked me to. Another time, I wrote an article in Yellow that described an object. The hue of the thing was, in fact, green.

The colors:

I cannot identify the VIBGYOR, GYOR areas (Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and a mix of these).

If the colors are highly distinct, I may identify them quickly, but otherwise, I have made an inaccurate identification.

Yellow and green have also frequently irritated me.

I’m OK with Yellow and Red.


The issue in my life from colorblind:

The primary places that create some issues are as follows:

1: Recognizing traffic and railway signals

2: I’m asked to pick outfits with red and green accents.

3: The color of lights, mainly LEDs.

But a troubleshooter asks, “Is it glowing red or green?” when all I see is yellow/orange.

4: I’m playing Ludo, which has three colors: red, yellow, and green.


5: as well as several others

Who I make my life:

I make my life easier by doing the following:

Remember the colors that are employed in critical areas. I’ll use a traffic signal as an example:

Green: Green is a kind of white light that is persistent.

Yellow: The light blinks orange/red (I’m not sure which hue) yellow.

Red: The light that appears immediately after green.

I could have trouble obtaining a worldwide driver’s license.

How to learn these colors:

I try to learn more colors by hearing what other people call them.

When I abruptly assign the wrong color, my friends make fun of me, I make fun of myself, and I learn the


After about ten tries, I figured out what color it was.

In my 24 years of life, I’ve learned to precisely correlate different colors inside the GYOR region.

Color learning would be a part of my life for the rest of my life. 

Enjoy what you are

Certainly not. I am delighted that I am unique in some manner and that I will be able to put my brain strength to the test more often. I’m a terrible artist. My parents continue to be concerned about my colorblindness. My buddies still make fun of me, and I join in when I make a stupid color mistake.


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