Dolly fashion
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Dolly fashion age, the mystery of the TikTok world is now exposed.  

She is a Pakistani social networks star who has gained popularity through the lip-syncing app.

Dolly Fashion Icon is considered one of the popular TikTok celebrities in Pakistan. Dolly also worked together with several commercials.

Dolly fashion

The special feature that differentiates him from other Tiktokers.His dressing sense and their lips.

This blog discusses Dolly’s fashion Age, Hair Salon, Profession, and complete Bio.

Dolly Leo’s real name:

Dolly’s Fashion Nickname is (Dolly), But Dolly’s original name is Nosheen Syed which means gift of God. Mostly Pakistani or other nations individuals don’t know the real name of Dolly.

Dolly fashion icon age

There are multiple reports about her age. No one is exactly her age. Dolly is 30 years old according to the shown date of birth.

Dolly’s fashion, height, weight and physical state:

His height is 5ft 4in; weight is 51 kg, Eye colour brown,

Hair colour is blonde and shoe size is6.5Us

Dolly Religion:

She is Muslim.

New Talent:  

She always welcomes other popular women Tiktokers for modelling. In the majority of the TikTok video clip, we notice that Manahil Malik was with him for modelling.

Morning shows like “Ek Nayee Subah With Farah” and ” Good Morning With Dr Ejaz Waris.” 

She also came to lots of early morning programs for the meetings, and also, this way, she is getting preferred daily. 

Fan following:

Dolly Style Icon acquired her popularity from the social networks application Tik Tok. Her followers remain in millions. Many individuals follow her on her Tik Tok account. Her account is currently officially accepted. Currently, she started operating in several commercials and also short dramatization tales. 

Favourite Female Singers:

Her favourite female singers are Ayesha Omer, Shazia Manzoor and Quratulain Balouch.

Favourite actors in Pakistan:

Noman Ijaz,Ahad Raza Mir and Humaun Saeed

Favourite Actress:

Iqra Aziz, Yumna Zaidi, and Sarah Khan

Favourite Male Tiktok Stars:

Iqrar Ul Hassan and Nadeem Mubarak

Favourite Female Tiktok Stars:

Lucy Laistner ,Mawada Eladhm and manahil-malik

Favourite colour:  

My favourite colour is Pink, and the food is Pakistani food.

Hobbies are Dancing and singing.

Favourite Male Singers are Honey King Hk, Sajjad Ali, and Shafqat Amanat Ali

Dolly Horoscope:

She comes from the zodiac sign Leo. She also uses the Leo word on his youtube channel.

Who is Dolly’s fashion hubby?

You are amazed to know she is still single and his boyfriend was Asad Ali.

Dolly Salon addresses:

Her salon lies in MM Alam Roadway Gulberg III Lahore. Numerous women throughout Pakistan are concerned about her beauty parlour for her appeal and hair therapy. She is gaining a great deal from her social networks apps and its well-known salon.


She is not only the ticktock, A fashion designer, An Instagram sensation, A musician, and likewise a model of several prominent brand names. Likewise, Dolly’s fashion is a brand name and ambassador of some makeup brands. She has a makeup salon in Lahore. 

Now she has begun working as a designer in many countries abroad. She completed her bachelor’s degree.

Tracks She started functioning and also acting in many video like Pasoori song . Multiple manufacturers are offering her opportunities for acting in tracks.

Recently, her new song video was released. She teaches lots of makeup beauty therapists how to do her trademark transformation. Lots of people welcome her as a unique guest at their features. Her customers take special consultations for her signature services from all over Pakistan. Brand Ambassador Dolly is likewise a version and walks on-ramp for many brand names. She is a program stopper. Dolly is the brand ambassador of several stylists.

Gmail [email protected]
Youtube Leo Productions By Dolly 
Snack video @pqqrn522

Now bonus time 

Now I will share the fabulous picture  of dolly fashion

Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion
Dolly fashion

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