Mark Zuckerberg introduce Facebook called Meta
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CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook as Meta

Facebook has moved another step in social networking. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced ”Facebook as Meta” at the annual Connect conference.  Metaverse is a virtual-reality space where users can interact with family, friends, and other users as avatars.

Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook called know Meta

Avatar is a new feature that allows users to create cartoon-like versions of themselves. Privacy and safety in the metaverse are objectives first.

Horizon Home : 

 Facebook is introducing a Horizon Home, in which users may communicate with one another using avatars that they have created. Horizon Worlds, which will allow you and friends to construct their own worlds and games, as well as “throw parties,” according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, will also be released soon.

It Will be a game-changer and positive for the economy and society. People can easily work from remote areas no matter where they live. People can easily log in other than their personal Facebook account. It will remove the difficulty of being stuck in traffic and help do things that are beneficial. It’s an advanced technology and online platform which will change the whole thinking. That will bring users to a new world of technology.

Hologram :

The hologram means closer to reality. They want to make a hologram world where everyone has their unique address. Where you can build your own environment and games and socialize with friends and generate another world. 


To achieve this reality they use VR that is a fully artificial digital environment and Augmented reality AR which are all virtual objects in the Real-world. MR is a mixture of reality and the digital world.

 A person with VR

They make it at more reasonable prices that more and more people can afford easily and used by developers that help them and they are not forced. 

Presence platform the key to feeling linked in the metaverse is realistic presence, and the ability of presence platforms is environmental understanding material. They’ll make it more subsidized and encourage app interaction.

Cambria :

Cambria will be a brand-new innovative and high-end product that will be priced at the upper end of the market. It will be state-of-the-art technology.

Facebook is now called Meta

They use mixed reality as one example they give, like  Working at your desk with many screens, viewing your real work so clearly that you can pick up a pen and take notes without diverting your eyes away from the screen.


Their avatar will be able to create realistic eye contact and replicate your facial emotions. If you’re having a workout with a visual coach in your living room, That’s a new experience.


Because they want to target everyone, they work a lot on a diverse set of human facial features, skin tone as well as the person’s glasses that might get in the way of some of the senses, so that’ll be a step forward for social presence.

Their goal is to create true augmented reality glasses, which is something they have also been working on. Their first full Augmented reality glasses are code-named Nazareth. They work on projects such as hologram projectors, batteries, radios, and custom Silicon chips, and consumers may get a sense of what Augmented Reality that will disclose. The spectacles are approximately 5 mm thick.

One step ahead in technology will change the future. What do you think about it?

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Facebook is now called Meta
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Facebook is now called Meta
'Facebook as Meta'' at the annual Connect conference. 
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