Happy independance day
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On August 14, we as a nation achieved freedom from British rule and now commemorate our happy independence day as Pakistani. The remarkable things we’ve accomplished as a nation give us reason to celebrate Independence Day. Pakistan has had its share of challenges, but its future seems promising. I will explain what occurred on this day in history, the background of the independence struggle in Pakistan, the impetus for the country’s formation, and its role in world politics.

History of the flag of Pakistan

Happy Independence Day

Maulana Abdul Rab Nishtar, a well-known politician who became Minister of Economic Affairs, created Pakistan’s flag. This flag has a green background, a white star and crescent in the middle, and a white vertical bar on the left. The Arabic term “Al-Miskeen,” meaning “the oppressed,” is the source of the flag’s green color, which has come to represent Islam. The star and crescent are traditions commonly used to represent Islam and Muslim countries since the dawn of time. The white band on the left stands as a symbol of progress as it is also known as “Equal Rights,” which is found in the very first constitution of Pakistan. The right side stands for freedom, one that we cherish equally and fight for whenever required.

Independence day quotes 

Independence day quotes are inspiring words that give people an idea of how they should enjoy Pakistan’s independence day and make it memorable. These words instantly remind us of how we should celebrate our freedom from British rule in the name of Pakistan. An intelligent way to send out these inspirational messages is by posting them on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and other places where many people can see them simultaneously. You may also send these quotes to your friends via email or text.Many qoutes was cover by Quid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal

Happy Independence Day qoutes
Happy Independence Day qoutes
Happy Independence Day qoutes
Happy Independence Day qoutes

Happy Independence Day qoutes
Happy Independence Day qoutes

Happy Independence Day qoutes

Happy Independence Day qoutes
Happy Independence Day qoutes

14 August dpz

You may express your love for Pakistan by sharing these 14 August dpz. This article aims to educate all individuals about the significance of our country globally.

14 August dpz and profile image
14 August dpz and profile image

Way to celebrate independence day

Celebrate Pakistan’s independence day with a variety of events and activities. Here are some ideas:

-Holidays: A day to relax, enjoy family time, and celebrate your country’s independence. In Pakistan, Independence Day is a national holiday that marks the end of British rule over the country.

-Festivals and Events: there are being held all around the nation to mark the anniversary of independence. The General Election campaign rallies, the Armed Forces Day parade, cricket matches, and nativities celebrations are among the most well-attended events.

celebrate independence day by lights

-Trees: If you want to show your support for Pakistan’s independence, plant some trees in your backyard or town square on August 14th. The plants will symbolize how proud Pakistani people are of their country’s history and culture.

celebrate independence day by decorating trees

-Celebrate independence with friends and family: traditions include gathering together to drink Pakistani tea, listen to music, and watch a fireworks show. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some old familiar faces and get involved in something new.

celebrate independence day with friends

-Marquee speeches and events: many Pakhtuns celebrate independence with a public 14 august speech in Urdu or events that honor their ancestors and countrymen who fought for freedom. These are often inspiring examples of how unity can be built over time – join in on the fun!

Patriotic passion for independence day

There are many people that color themselves to show love for Pakistan. Most of them are simpletons who believe that the act of coloring their skin will make them feel more patriotic and connected to the country. I have been to some of these events where people celebrate their newfound love for Pakistan using color.

75th anniversary of Pakistan

Pakistan will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its independence from British domination on August 14 this year. All Pakistani nationals enjoy the day with excitement and beauty since it is regarded as a national holiday.This day was also important for all Builder of pakistan like Bilquis Edhi

happy independance day


Pakistan’s economic condition is unstable as the political parties only fight for power. The poverty rate increases as the dollar go up, Pakistan’s economy becomes unstable, and many companies quit Pakistan due to unstable conditions.

As responsible Pakistani, our priorities should be strengthening the economy and following the rules. Now it’s your turn to take responsibility and remember our young ones and youth the importance of this day and also pray for Kashmir

Comment us how you celebrate happy independence day in 2022?

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