Insulted to Shoaib Akhtar from Dr. Nauman Niaz live T.V show.
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Shoaib Akhtar Insulted by Dr.Nauman Niaz on Live National channel PTV Show Game ON HA !!

After Pakistan’s match with New Zealand on Tuesday night. One would think that the focus would be on the post-match analysis.  it was the Debate between Shoaib Akhtar and anchor Dr. Nauman Niaz.

   DR.Niaz insult Shoaib Akhtar, a fabulous fast bowler,  and Shoaib Akhtar walked off a Pakistan Television (PTV) show.

 The two were on a panel for the PTV Sports show” Game On Hai” with guests similar as West Indies legend Sir Vivian Richards, former England captain David Gower and Umer gul fabulous fast bowler, and Pakistan women captain,s  Sana. The panel discussed the Pakistan-New Zealand T20 World Cup match Pakistan win match.

Insulted to Shoaib Akhtar from Dr. Nauman Niaz live T.V show.
Insulted to Shoaib Akhtar from Dr. Nauman Niaz live T.V show.


Noman Niaz rudely says ” if You are smart you can go.  He does not say sorry. He insulted Shoaib Akhtar in the Live show. Shoaib says how I was treated on national television. Whether he apologized to the guest and DR.Niaz and then he resigned from the national game show PTV Game on Haa!!.

P.T.V make a team to investigate insult behave from Shoaib Akhtar. Now the P.T.V off air the Dr.Noman in the show. AS well as they said, to give another anchor to run the show in replacement of you.

Dr. Sahib said that I will not allow anyone else to do my program in my place. MD P. T. V. Has instructed Dr. Noman to let another anchor program in his place. Dr. Noman Niaz has clearly stated. That they will program themselves and not let anyone else do them. There will be no live show today. The old recording will be aired on TV today. The inquiry committee has also summoned Shoaib Akhtar to come and give his opinion. At the same time, the inquiry committee has said that Dr. Noman was ashamed of his mistake.

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