Kashmir day
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 Kashmir Day is marked on 5 February. This day is celebrated as a sign of solidarity with Kashmir.

 Thousands of Kashmir posters are displayed on this day.

Kashmir day

National holiday

This day has been celebrated annually since 1990. Nawaz Sharif, then leader of the opposition parties and prime minister of Punjab, called for a national strike and a prayer for the Kashmiri liberation movement.

As a result, the Pakistan People’s Party passed a law declaring 5 February a national holiday the following year. The campaign has spread across the country.

On this day, the people of Pakistan will celebrate their independence. They will remember the villagers who volunteered for relief.


Most government offices, banks, companies, educational institutions, and other businesses are closed on Kashmir Day. But some international organizations continue to run their business.

While public transport is free and accessible in big cities, traffic jams are expected on the day.

On this day, the entire country will witness long marches. There will be protests, demonstrations, and rallies. The conflict will continue to be the top priority on the international level.

Kashmir day


On Kashmir Day, people from different parts of society gather to light candles in mosques.

These protests intend to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir and to pressure the Indian government to resolve the Kashmir dispute peacefully.

In Pakistan activist , students, political leaders, and other public figures often attend Kashmir Day rallies and hold speeches. Many of them are devoted to the cause, and many protesters have even begun to write poetry about it.

Many tiktokers like khan baba and other platforms were used for protest.

Kashmir day

Human rights violation

The Kashmiri people are not at the mercy of their rulers.

The world is watching them. However, if they want peace in the region, they must demand that India and Pakistan resolve the issue.

This is the only way to bring about lasting peace and harmony. And the day is a great day to remember the martyrs and ancestors of the Kashmiris. They deserve our support. If the people in Pakistan do not have their way, we are destined to fight each other.


The Kashmir valley is still closed to the outside world on Kashmir Day. Government and educational institutions, including the federal and provincial governments, are closed. There is no freedom to Kashmiris and they are also violating basic human rights in Kashmir.

International companies are open. Most public transportation systems operate as usual. During processions, significant roads remain closed to traffic. The Azadi, or ‘peace on earth’ in Kashmir, is depicted in the famous photograph. Blood-splattered barbed wire surrounds the valley.

Fix Conflict

The international community must do all it can to resolve this dispute amicably. Not only India and Pakistan but India and Pakistan must work together and make it happen. In the meantime, we must strive to build a stable, tolerant, and free Pakistan. That’s the only way to go further. That is the purpose of Kashmir Day. And the successful resolution of this conflict should be the goal of all parties. If both parties can reach an agreement on a solution, everyone in the region will enjoy peace.

 Symbolic expressions

In addition to the symbolic representations, the Kashmiris are also encouraged to participate in cultural events. During the day, AJK has special Kashmiris programs. Its entertainment channels broadcast special programs about Kashmir. Its educational institutions also organize workshops and forums. Kashmir Day is celebrated worldwide. 

Some quotes related to the Kashmir solidarity day.

“Kashmir is in the blood of the Pakistani nation.” 

                                                                           Pervez Musharraf

“And how dare you think of paradise when Kashmir still exists on earth. Why the fuck don’t you understand that the occupation itself is the deepest circle of hell and there’s no hell beyond it”.

Firoz Rather

“Over 7 decades of Indian Occupation & oppression have failed to weaken the Kashmiri people’s resolve to struggle for their right to self-determination. Now, a younger generation of Kashmiris is taking the struggle forward with even greater resolve.”

                                                                      Imran Khan

 “Kashmir is the Jugular vein of Pakistan, and no nation can allow its jugular vein to be held by the enemy.”


“We must learn from history there is no military solution for the Kashmir issue…We have to understand this reality”.

                                                                    Pervez Musharraf

Solidarity day poetry

Kashmir day

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