Lunar eclipse
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Lunar Eclipse will be held today, 19 Nov 2021, and the last lunar Eclipse was born on 26 May.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the Partial Eclipse is a longer partial eclipse and will not be seen before 2669.

But It cannot be seen in Pakistan. Its timing will start at 11; 02 am, peak at12; 10 pm, and end at 5;04(PST). 

It can be seen in North America, South America, Eastern Asia, Australia, the Atlantic ocean, and the Pacific region.

The Eclipse will be 5 hours 2 min. The total time of the partial phase will be 2 hours and 53 min.

The Earth revolves in its orbit; when Earth passes between the sun and the Moon, the sun’s light does not reach the Moon, resulting in a Lunar eclipse.

When the sun’s rays do not reach the Moon, and the Earth entirely blocks the sun’s rays, the Moon’s color becomes reddish.

It is called a blood moon.

The Solar Eclipse is seen from some areas globally, but the lunar eclipse can be seen everywhere at night when it happens.

Solar Eclipse without safety measures cannot be seen due its rays affect the eyes. The eclipse can be seen easily without any safety measures.

A lunar eclipse period is minor compared to a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse period may exceed 2 hours also. The lighter side of the shadow is the penumbra, while the darker or deepest section of the shadow is referred to as the umbra. The partial lunar eclipse color is reddish-orange.

Types of lunar Eclipse

 A partial lunar eclipse is held when only a part of the Moon enters Earth’s umbra.

Total Lunar Eclipse is held when the entire Moon enters Earth’s umbra.

Penumbra lunar Eclipse

When the Moon passes through the lighter half of the Earth’s shadow but does not enter the umbra, it is known as a Penumbral lunar decline.

The penumbra generates a minor darkening of the lunar surface, which may be observed with the naked eye.

Does the lunar Eclipse affect humans?

  According to NASAscientifically, there is no proof that lunar Eclipse has any side effect on the human body. But it affects people physically due to their beliefs.


Some civilizations believed a demon was eating the Moon and could drive it away by cursing it and throwing stones.

Some Hindus think that swimming in the Ganges River after an eclipse can help them gain salvation.

Lunar eclipses are associated with many mythologies in various civilizations.

 People associate it with either a good or an unfavorable omen.

In China, the Eclipse is the Moon being eaten by animals or a three-legged toad.

After the Eclipse, Indians bathe their gods with Ganga water to clean them. People think it necessary to take a bath after the eclipse finishing; and thought that to remove the ill sign of Eclipse from their body, but in reality, by bathing, they release toxins and bacteria from skins.

people were also forbidden to sleep, urinate, defecate, put on cosmetics, or do other jobs during an eclipse.

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