Virat anuska
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Kholi and Anushka Nine-month-old Daughter Received Rape Threats. His 9-month-old daughter is the target of extremists in India who have threatened him and posted her images on the internet.

Criminals may pour their trash on social media without fear of being arrested under the Narendra Modi administration on the internet.

The Indian public criticizes Virat Kohli for defeating in the T20 matches against Pakistan and New Zealand.

To criticize Virat Kohli and their teammate, individuals create memes and abuse on social media platforms. Their media also plays a important part in spreading slander. Mr. Shami is a Muslim player on the Indian cricket team.

He has been insulted not just for his performance but also based on his religion. They said that you are a Muslim who should go to Pakistan and that you are a traitor.

Virat Kohli has talked out in support of his teammate on social media, saying that no one has the right to insult.

Someone based on their religion and that doing so is a horrible or humiliating thing for a man to do. Then he got the threat messages.

Virat anuska

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On social media, a tweet sent is entirely ridiculous.

Inzamam-ul-Haq :

Inzamam-ul-Haq, a Pakistani YouTuber, also stepped out in support of Virat Kohli, pointing out that he has a personal life in addition to his professional one.

It is not a new phenomenon in India. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s five-year-old daughter was previously targeted online for rape threats.

Aside from sports, there’s the family to consider. Take sports as entertainment, even though Virat Kohli is one of the finest cricketers in India’s history. In the opening encounter, they were under much pressure in T-20 matches and failed to grab a single wicket against Pakistan.

If you want to criticize his leadership, tactics, and batting performance against New Zealand, choose one of the following options: However, do not target his family.

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