valentine day
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Valentine’s Day ,Should We Celebrate or Not as Muslims?

Valentine’s day is observed throughout the world on 14 February.

Multiple countries commemorate this day as a beautiful day of love by giving many gifts, candy, and many spouses watching movies to make their day unique.

Saint Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Feast are other names for Valentine’s Day.

On this day, married and unmarried couples express their love for each other by giving flowers and gifts.

History of valentine’s day:

It started with Lupercalia ancient Roman festival, a pastor called Valentine. Monks’ and nuns’ marriage is banned in Christianity.

valentine day
valentine day

So one day, Mr. Valentine makes a plan and tells a nun that he had a dream that February 14 was such a day that even if a monk or nun had intercourse, it would not be considered a sin.

The nuns believed him, and the two went through sin passionately.

The second story relates to valentine:

The Roman emperor Claudius had trouble making an army for battle. Then, he discovered the reasons that married people were the problem.

He banned marriage because married people didn’t want to leave home and go to war.

Still, Valentine defied the royal decree by not only arranging a secret marriage but also arranging other people’s marriages. Valentine was imprisoned and hanged in February.

Arguments in favor of celebrating Valentine’s Day:  

If a husband offers flowers to his wife out of love, what is the harm in that?”

Another common argument is that Valentine’s Day is not just GF or BF day of love because love is not the only color.

People give flowers to mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, and pets on this day.

Countries that have outlawed Valentine’s Day:

Valentine day
  • Pakistan

In Pakistan, where Valentine’s Day is celebrated with zeal without understanding its origins, young people blindly follow it as a fashion.

Islamic Laws prohibit this day because this day promotes dating and sex before marriage consider in Islam “Haram.

  • Saudia Arabia 

Saudi police banned the sale of anything related to Valentine’s Day in 2002 and 2008.

A ban that created a black market where youngsters could find flowers and other items.

In 2012, police arrested 140 Muslims to celebrate the festival and confiscated all flowers sold in shops.  

In 2020, Valentine’s Day was celebrated openly in Saudi Arabia.

  • Indonesia

This Day is banned in Indonesia in 2020. Authorities raided several hotels and arrested several couples.

Valentines day celebration:

Many people celebrate this day by giving their loved ones gifts like Chocolates, Flowers, cards, and many other things. 

valentine's day:

Many enjoy candlelight dinners, and many people go to watch movies.

Sale of gifts higher on valentine’s day :

There are plenty of gifts couples, girlfriends, boyfriend’s spouses will buy for Valentine. This is not a good practice as It is a waste of money and promotes Immoral values in society.

For women, the purchase of a ring, a candle, a necklace, or a pair of earrings is raised. For men, a rose or a ring made of gold will be overrated this day.

This day is also celebrated to improve relationships for dating and engagement.

Bad impacts of valentines day:

It’s just a day to celebrate love, sex, and desire, regardless of whether you’re dating, married, or single.

The single men are depressed as they have no love in their life, dating guys are stressed, and married men are noted to spend their half salary on this bullshit day.

valentine's day:

It’s only a money-making day for businesses. 

Americans spend 145 million on Valentine’s Day cards each year.

A heart-shaped box of chocolates was introduced in 1861, and more than 8 billion conversation hearts are manufactured each year.

Approximately 6 million couples enwrap on Valentine’s day every year.

Instead of Valentine’s Day, celebrate Haya Day:

Valentine day
Source image-current. pk

It was initially followed by Islami Jamiat-e- Talaba, Pakistan’s largest student organization.

The day is celebrated in Pakistan, with lectures and activities organized in colleges and Universities.

We haven’t observed people of any other religion celebrate our faith” There were many different feelings expressed in this regard, and they believed it was a way to show love for their family and others.

Islam has different opinions regarding Valentine’s Day, and they have strict prohibitions on Valentine’s Day celebrations.As a muslim country we should celebrate all religious and national festivals like Eid-ul-Adha,Eid-ul -fitr Rmadan,Kashmir day and much more.

Female educational institutions within the city have imposed an absolute ban on female students who celebrate Valentine’s Day inside the campus. Different student unions celebrated the holiday by calling it “Haya Day.”

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